Welcome to the FMArp-da WikiEdit

Yes. As threatened previously, we now officially have a wiki. Have fun, kiddos, and check out all the features~



[Fuery:] ......ohman, guys. Anyone wanna help me figure this 'editing-business' out? |D;;;;

[Mei:] TO THE RESCUE, I SHALL GO~ Meihui-Zhu

[Havoc:] Oh snap, this is fancy...if only I could use my awesome timing here :D

[Kimblee:] OMG! This is so fancy~! :D Havoc, your timing is amazing~ if only it'd work on here

[Havoc:] You know it KIMBLEEEEEE~ C: :iconinbedplz: ... I think not >3<

[Fuery:] LOL HEY THERE. We got the Strip Type-Snap up in the Inside Jokes board. Congrats. |D

[Kimblee:] I wish timing would work h--- God, don't remind me of that, I failed at that game! |D

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