Army life by mastersergeantfuery-d2xezl6

Kiwi/Kain's current ID on the roleplay account; "I don't want no more of army life, gee mom, I wanna go home...."

Mastersergeantfuery on dA/About the rperEdit

Username, MasterSergeantFuery; this Fuery roleplayer for the group is the second one to claim the character as her own. Her main account, "invaderkiwi", hosts half of the art she uploads to the roleplay account, along with countless other crap from various fandoms and her own twisted mind. She also has an unatural obsession with jellyfish, and things that shine/glow/squish.

Kain's character:

From her perspective, Fuery's personality differs, depending on the rp. In humor to her own masochistic joy of character abuse, however, she tends to make Kain a bit less... ahem, manly than he is (("His wimpiness is canon! I swear-- ep 43-6!" -protests of pointability)). She loves rping hetero AND yaoi, and will take any possible opportunity to fluff it up with someone else's character- so he's often thrust into blush-worthy/tsundere-type situations. And, as a roleplayer, Kiwi also adores yandere and guro-- so she tends to beat Kain up a bit more often than she should (("Nyoron~")). What else? I'll edit later.

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