Meihui Zhu



Racial Origin



Human with homonculus "pest" (Masochism)


Feng Zhu (non-biological father, deceased) Lijuan Zhu (mother, deceased) Aunt Liu (deceased) Delun (adoptive father)


Regeneration of wounds




To get away from her past

Account owner


Account title


Meihui Zhu (美惠朱 Měihuì zhū in Chinese, meaning "beautiful wisdom vermilion") or just Mei is a young girl who had run from her homeland after a man named Delun Guozhi had ruined her life. She is partners with a homonculus named Masochism and together they roam around murdering numerous citizens of Amestris.


Mei has mid-length albino hair with most of her bangs curling up, but two on the end stick out pointy. She wears a blue v-neck dress with a red ribbon attatched to the end with white puffy sleeves. The bottom of her dress is cut out like rings with hemisphere insides, and she wears very tall tengu geta that turn her measely height of 5'2" in to 6'5". A special of hers is her hat, which is a blue box-like contraption on her head with a pyramid at the top with a ribbon on it. It can be opened up to reveal anything, such as food, small weapons, or even poison. Her eyes are blue, but when Masochism is actively controlling her body, her eyes turn blood red.


blah i'm doing this later, too much to write up


Mei's roleplayer is Mima-chan1234 ( or "Yams," or "Potato" ). She had created Mei on a whim one day so she could join some Gaia roleplay, and she was a magical being and stuff. Later when Potato discovered FMARP through an ED article which shall not be mentioned for Panda's sanity, she toned down Mei and made her Xingaese. The Mei she made way back was WAYYY different than this Mei. She was shallower, and was not insane (GASP). Potato made her insane after she got high one night and...uh....

What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas.

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